The Road to Emmaus

The resurrection serves as a demarcation. You cannot learn someone is divine and remain neutral about them.
- Tara-Leigh Cobble

Sermon Recap
This Sunday we talked about the importance of the resurrection. We acknowledged that Christianity means nothing without Jesus having been raised from the dead. The Christian church is unique in this. In many other religions, their beliefs are based on teachings. If we found out Buddha never lived, Buddhism could still be practiced. Without the resurrection, there’s no meaning in our beliefs. Abundant life comes through sacrificial love.

Jesus died and was raised for our sins to be forgiven. So how do we respond? Where do we go from here? We repent. We turn from our sins towards the love of our father. In our repentance, we believe. We believe that God reigns above all and Jesus died for us in love and was raised from the dead.

Jesus draws near to us. (Luke 23:13 - 16)
In the midst of our fear and our unbelief, Jesus draws near to us. We may not see him for who he is, but he is with us.

Culmination of the ages. (Luke 24:25 - 27)
The Old Testament is a story of God’s desire to have a relationship with us and his inability to dwell alongside sin. The resurrection of Jesus brings meaning to the bible; it fulfills the law and the prophecies.

Draw near to God.
(Luke 24:29 - 34)
The broken body of Jesus is the key to understanding the scriptures and the Christian life. We were encouraged to take time to pray out loud, to ask God to reveal himself more clearly to us. God wants to engage with you.
The humble table where Christ is invited to sit becomes a sacred place of revelation.
 - Alex Maclaren

  • If you want to listen to this sermon, you can do so here.
  • Below is a handout that was given alongside this sermon. Use it in your daily life, to ask God to reveal himself more clearly to you.

Additional resources:
If this Sunday’s sermon made you want to dig a little deeper, below are some additional resources.
  1. Bible Translation Comparison. 
Here is a handy graphic to give you an idea of where biblical translations fall on the scale of “word-for-word” to “paraphrased.”
2. Extra Study 
The QR code below will also get you here! This is a resource from Pastor Ryan to feed into your study time.

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