Are you ready to make it official? 

This is our very first opportunity to join Canvas Community Church as members! Below you'll find the membership process map, links to informational videos, sermons, and more. If you have questions or need help with anything send us an email at!

You must have been baptized in order to be a member

ATTENTION: We were asked about the role of baptism in becoming a member of Canvas Community Church. The answer is that yes, individuals must follow Jesus' example in Believer's Baptism to be eligible for membership. This does not mean that everyone has to be re-baptized at C3 - only that you have been baptized at some point in your journey of faith. We apologize for failing to give this detail the attention it deserves! Thank you to those who brought it to our attention.

What's the purpose of membership? 

Church Structure Overview

  • The membership approves the budget, elects board members, approves the hiring of the Senior Pastor, approves changes to the bylaws, and votes on other major decisions, such as property sales.

  • With board concurrence, the pastor, treasurer, and ministry leaders build the budget each year for congregational approval.

  • On behalf of the congregation, the board holds the pastor accountable to the budget and the plan it supports.

  • The Senior Pastor hires and manages staff within the constraints of the budget. Changes to pastoral staff are done with the board's advice and consent.

  • The budget, monthly financial reports, and board minutes are available to members from the church office.
  • Conflicts and concerns with members, pastors, or board members are handled as outlined in Matthew 18.

  • If the focus ever becomes these rules rather than the mission of the gospel, we're doing something wrong.

The Membership Covenant

As a member of this church, I accept the Bible as the Word of God which reveals the way of salvation and the guide for faith and Christian living. I confess to a personal experience of God’s saving grace in my life, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I intend to reject sin and to live a holy life, devoted to the example and teachings of Christ. I promise to accept Biblical instruction and to contribute to a loving and united church family through my regular attendance. With the time, finances, and spiritual gifts that God has given to me, I commit to supporting the ministries of this church as it spreads the Kingdom of God in Winchester and beyond.

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Check out our current bylaws:

Membership Informational Videos

Our videos will teach you almost everything you need to know about being a member of Canvas Community Church - from the comfort of home! The buttons below will take you directly to the individual videos on our YouTube page. You can use the Membership Process Map to track which ones you've watched and which you still need to watch. *Kids' and Youth Ministry Videos are optional if you don't have participating children.

Spiritual Gifts Survey:

Take this assessment before attending the Gift Discovery Meeting. You can save a screenshot or print the results page and bring it with you. The main date for the meeting is July 9 @ 6 PM; the make-up date is July 16 @ 8:30 AM.

Membership Sermon Series

These 4 Sunday messages are a required part of the Membership Process - but
it still counts if you watch online!