Interested in Baptism?

The Bible teaches that baptism by immersion is your next step after deciding to follow Jesus.
Baptism allows us to stand up and tell the world about our personal commitment to following Jesus.
The Bible describes Baptism as:
- A sign of identification (Acts, chapter 8)
                              - Symbolic of death and resurrection (Romans, chapter 6)
                      - Representative of a cleansing (First Peter, chapter 3)
                                                                  - An important step of obedience (Matthew, chapter 28 & First John, chapter 2)

Baptism isn't salvation; it’s an outward act that reflects your inner commitment to follow Christ.

In a way, baptism is a lot like a wedding ring. The ring doesn’t make you married; it’s a symbol
of your love and devotion to your spouse, and a sign that your life is being lived for someone else.