The Way of the Servant

Spiritual Stations (The Way of the Servant)

This past Sunday we covered the Spiritual Station of the Servant. Like all the other Stations, we’ll look at a healthy approach to Servanthood and an unhealthy approach to Servanthood, and how we can remain ‘Biblical Servants’ in the face of service to others and also being served.
Biblical Servanthood – is a transformative discipline that lets the world see Jesus, while simultaneously changing us as well.
Our text this week took us through John 2:1-12, where the servants not only got to witness a miracle and a blessing, but they also witnessed Jesus’ miraculous work behind the scenes of the Wedding at Cana. Join us, as we see together, the servants who are partnering with Jesus that knew where the miracle came from, but how everyone at the wedding was able to experience the blessing of the miracle. This is the blessing of the Church, to co-labor, to co-partner with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords in His mission and His ministry. But do we often only get to experience the blessing without actually being involved enough to see Jesus’ work behind the scenes?
We’ll also look at unhealthy servitude, where Jesus warns us “Don’t do as the hypocrites do – blowing trumpets in the synagogues and the streets to call attention to their acts of charity!”
We’ll look at the disciplines of humility and sacrifice, that they go hand in hand with the act and generosity of Biblical Servanthood, where we are willing to both serve and be served by others.
We’ll ask the hard questions.
- Am I under-serving? Am I not adequately using the gifts God has given me to better serve His Kingdom?

- Am I self-serving? Am I using the gifts God has given me to only serve myself or my own interests?

- Am I over-serving? Am I not taking time to make sure my gifts and interest align with God’s purpose and Will for my life and His mission?

- While serving, am I pointing other’s to Jesus, while also, allowing Jesus to change my heart?

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