The way of the Head

Spiritual Stations (The Way of the Head)

This past Sunday I shared a message about the way of the head from Acts 17. I described both positive and negatives ways to respond to God's truth intellectually.

The Thessalonian Jews approached the Scripture as a way to affirm what they already believed while the Berean Jews searched the Scriptures to understand what they truly meant.

In light of these two approaches, I challenged all of us to seek to approach the Scriptures with an open-mind and a humble heart. We should intentionally set aside any biases we bring to the Scriptures in a pursuit to understand what they truly mean.

From there, we should approach the Scriptures by both looking broadly at the singular narrative of the entire Bible and then dig deeply into specific books and passages of Scripture.

When we study the Scriptures well, we should expect both transformation and conflict.

You can get caught up with the entire message here and you can find our suggested action steps listed below.
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